Principal's Appeal

       “Chatraanam adhyanam tapah”. Study is the tapasya (spiritual austerity) for students in otherwords, students should put on all their efforts and energies in their studies. If any student’s mind partakes of divergent thoughts and efforts during this period, he loses concentration Consequently. he can't acquire and consolidate adequate knowledge. This is why in ancient time, the students of our sacred Nation remained the 5 years of their childhood near their parents and had to live in the residence of Sri Gurudev and remained engaged in acquisition of knowledge by adopting the life of Brahmacharya for 12 years; the period of adolescence. The life in hermitage was spent in the graceful proximity of Sadguru in the serene and secluded atmosphere of nature characterized by freedom, liberalism and absence of artificiality. Here the worldly impurities found no place. Hence the life of students remained undefiled. Their life was molded completely according to their natural spirit. As a soul-less body is of no use, similarly education with lack of character is valueless or of no value. Character-making (Character-building) is the main pnnciple of education. Character is the totality of life and fulfilling delight success. It is durng young age that man either ascends to divinity or sinks down to animality (inhumanity) and spends the entire life in miseries like a thunder-struck tree. Whose petticoat does the student get at this moment? Although our country is freed from the Mughal-rule and the british-rule since 600 years. still we've remained debited to them only just within a few years and now. we're not able to free ourselves from the erroneous conceptions of the West education. The Bharat which was once worshipped and respected for relinquishment, now sleeping down for adopting western culture in-stead-of dedication & service. Therefore, make an identity of a real student (disciple) during this crucial situation of the mother- land; Deterring yourself from the objective of gaining knowledge only for the sake of ,money being a moneyed-man . create your own identity of a good —charactered savant (Scholar) & an all-in-one being This country of sages (Rishidesha) will be revived having you & your birth will be repaid . Nevertheless, this motherland will be repaid for her name i.e "RATNAGARBHA"

       "Uttistata jagrata prapya baran nibodhata” ( awake, arise and enjoy your legitimate due). Your awakening and enthusiasm should now be exclusively directed towards Him. Why should we worry impatiently about ourselves without trusting and believing the one, who keeps food for us before our birth? The Youth-power is the backbone of this nation. The thing on which you put your hands on, will turn into gold indubitably. Remembering your past, not being dis-heartene ditake a strong oath from this moment to fulfill the necessities of your family and your country. All your dreams and necessities will get fulfilled itself. But the need is only truth, attention and innocence simplicity & accept the essence like a swan consuming milk leaving water aside.

       We hope. you will never take a step back in fulfilling this hope and endeavor for the necessity and prove yourself to be a part of this Nitya-ahwaan of Nityadhama Gurukulam with grand promise.

Pradipta Kumar Nanda