Working Hours

Total Working Hours 42 Hours per week
Practical Instruction 28 Hours per week
Theoritical Instruction 10 Hours per week
Extra-curricular Instruction 4 Hours per week


Trainees may be allowed the same holidays as fixed by the State Director for observance by the staff. With a view of having uniformity in the working hours at the I.T.I (s) all over the country , it has been decided that the number of working hours at the I.T.I(s) should be fixed 71/2 hours per day with 2nd Saturday as holidays.
N.B.:- There will be no winter/ summer holidays in I.T.I (s) [Order No. D.G.E.T-12(15)/77-T.C. DT. 28.05.1977]

Minimum Compulsory Attendance

The minimum compulsory attendance for trainees in regard to their eligibility for all AITT has been fixed at 80% of the actual number of working days in each Semestar.

Where a trainee absents himselef for more than half the number of working days, for whatever reasons should not be allowed to continue his/her training.

The Trainees possessing attendance below 70% will not at all be allowed to appear at the AITT Examination.

Leave Admissible to Trainees

Casual Leave (C.L) : In addition to usual holidays in the year, C.L at the rate of 12 days per year subject to a maximum of 10 days at any one time. Casual leave not utilized during 1st year of the 2 years course shall stand lapsed at the end of the 1st year and shan't be permitted to be carried forward to the 2nd year.

Medical Leave: A trainee who is unable to attend duty owing to illness other than injuries received while at work may be allowed medical leave up to 15 days . This leave should only granted in case of serious illness only once during the peroid of training by producing the medical certificate issued by Govt. Medical officer or by a doctor not below the rank of an Asst. Surgeion.

Unauthorised Absence

For unauthorized absence of more than 10 consecutive days at a time, the trainee will be warned and if the offence is repeated, his/ her case should be reported to the State Director with a view to discharge and his/ her roll will stuck off from the attendance register.

Suspensions, Discharge and Registration

On account of unsatisfactory progress in training and misconduct for the first time may be excused . if the offence is repeated, the trainee will be discharged with the approval of the State Director.

Pending investigation of allegtion against a trainee suspected of misconduct may be suspended from the institute for good and proper reasons should be recorded.

Progress Card

A progress care shall be maintained in respect of each trainee from the date of admission to the institute as prescribed by DGET.

The Monthly tests are to be conduceted in all the subjects and the performance is to be recorded as usual on monthly and quarterly basis for awarding sessional marks

The monthly progress report of the trainees will be intimated to guardians and to be retured to the office after signature of father / guardian


The hostel for out-station students is now functioning with a capacity for 30 students and alternate arrangement may be arranged fo rmore out-station students on request in close proximity of the institution. To guard against the loss or damage to hostel articles, each boarder will have to deposit a sum of Rs 100/- only as "Hostel Caution Money" and Rs 225/- only per year as "Hostel Service Charge" along with the hostel admission fee and monthly seat rent.

Personal care shall be taken to guide the boarders for their improvement in standard by the direct supervision of the principal. The Trainees should follow the rules and regulations of the hostel as an Indian born child in the light of "Puratana Rushikula Ashram".

Notes :- The hostellers are not allowed to go to their homes during common holidays (occasion) because all festivals are celebrated at the Gurukulam.

The hosteller will immediately be suspended if unauthorizedly leaves the campus.

The Guardians aren't allowed to talk by phone with the hostellers for the first two months.

The Boarders will not allowed to keep personal cellphone for use.

General Rules and Regulations of the Institute

Trainees must come to the instityte in uniform (T-Shirt sky colour and full pant navy blue) and aporn(navy blue) as required otherwise they won't be allowed into the premises.

The Trainees should deposit the monthly dues/ installments very promptly for the smooth running of their training or else the guardian will be responsible for the problems laced by the trainee during his/her training.

If a trainee leaves the institute for any reason either immediately after admission or in the middle of the course, the fees deposited will be forfited and action will be taken to recover the balance dues (if admitted in installments). In such cases, no fees will be refunded.

The trainees should deposit monthly subscription and hostel seat rent (in case of a boarder) for 24 months and 12 months in case of 2 years and 1 year courses respectively on or before the 10th day of each month digitally through SBI Ac No. 10722406961

Any trainee/ guardian should not hope of liveralizing any rules of the institute under any circumstances.

Only the father/ guardian (if father isn't alive) of the trainee may meet the Principal for any reason in writing. No soutsider except father/ guardian (if father isn't alive) will be allowed to discuss anytihng with the authority for any reason.

The guardian meeting is called once in every 3 months to establish good relationship withe institute and to develop awareness between the guardians towards technical education for the present need.

Every trainee is compelled to wear the given identity Card in the premises.